My story is made up almost totally of the people I love and who, by the grace of God, love me back. My family.

31. loving husband. amazing dad. seriously, amazing dad. super cute. supportive. smart. talented. hard-working. really good in bed!

four. "t." sweet. dramatic. loving. snuggly. lover of books. princess enthusiast. obsessed with pink. right handed. thumb sucker. identical twin.

four. "bean." spicy. touchy. giver of hugs and kisses. loves to dance. disney fan. sleeps late. total sweetheart. giver. left handed. thumb sucker. identical twin. 

two. "addy." cute as a button. funny. easy going. walking up a storm. doesn't miss a meal. chunky. laughy. snuggly. lover of "the biebs." excellent dancer. singleton.