Thursday, February 07, 2013

Another Project Life 2012 Catch-Up Post

There are a few pages that I completed from 2012 that I haven't shared yet and I figure now is as good a time as any! We'll start with the wrap-up photos from our very first family vacation. An RV trip through California (Yosemite, Napa and Mendocino).

Moreno Family Camp-Out 2012
Full spread together. I LOVE the colors on this one. These photos were begging for a softer feel. Which is odd since we were so dirty for 10 days straight. Constantly dusty.

Left side close-up. See Teagan's dirty face? 

Right side close-up. We don't leave out any of the details...even sewage dumping! Ewww. I'd just like to thank God for my husband right here and now.

Family Vacation May 2012
Both sides of the spread together. Again, I opted for the lighter feel on this one.

Left side close-up

Right side close-up

I am very happy to have these in the book. I dedicated a spread to every few days on the trip. Some of these photos are my absolute favorite of the year. I get excited all over again just seeing them. This was a very memorable time for me and something I have always dreamed about doing with my family. Vacations are so important. Seeing new things is important. Being outdoors is important. Documenting it to remember every detail is important.


  1. Hi Lindsay!
    I love everything you do! Your digital scrapbooking is very inspiring! I am sure you've been asked this before but I was wondering how you plan to print your pages? Photobook, or pages printed and put into page protectors?


    1. Thanks Lanaie, I'm going to have them printed into a book and bound. It will be two parts per year.


  2. I love your photos. You have such a way of capturing unique angles and perspective! That top right collage with the kite is fab!