Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Doin' it Again...

If you're a friend of mine in real life, this information is probably getting really old, but our life was totally flipped upside down over the past couple of weeks and we've just made a big turn in our direction as a family.

I'm going to give you the whole story, because it's too amazing to be passed off as a "coincidence" or "luck." This is a complete and total work of God. It's so clear to me that God is watching out for our family and that this is part of His master plan for us. It's just like the story of Kennedy's birth and my mom's death being too close to be a coincidence. It's big, y'all.

Okay, let's start a few months ago. M and I take the girls out to run an errand and we had to go to the mall here in Reno. As we're driving away from doing whatever it was that we had to do, M was given a sign from God. He stops whatever it was he was talking about, turns to me and says, "We're leaving here. We're not staying in Reno. This is not the place for us. This is not where we're supposed to raise our kids." While I agree with what he is saying, I'm a little taken aback because a) we just got to Reno in November b) my business just started to take off c) M has been with this same company for nearly 10 years and has been very successful there and d) M doesn't make statements like that very often. He doesn't really speak in absolutes; we always make decisions like that as a team. We decided when we moved to Colorado (2009) that we'd go where the promotions took us until the girls got in school, but this would be doing a decidedly different thing. This would be searching something else out. This would be making a career move in a terrible economy.

There have been times in M's career where he has thought about possibly moving in a different direction, but there's always been something to hold him at UOP. When we got home that night, M started putting his resume together and looking for possible career opportunities. Clearly this was serious. He was searching in two places (Oklahoma-where we have some family and where I am from originally and Colorado-where we consider to be home). He diligently searched for jobs and applied to the few that would be a good fit for his skill set, education and experience. No calls. Clearly, this is not what God wanted for us.

He then finds an opportunity out of Portland, Oregon (though I have no idea how since we weren't searching there) and a recruiter calls him at work one day to talk about the possibility of him coming to work there. M and this company go back and forth interviewing and talking about possibilities. In the end, M turned down the job because it didn't feel right and he feels secure at his current position. At this point, I know God is telling M that this isn't the job for him. It's a way out of Reno and they're willing to pay for us to move there, but this is not the place for him and it wasn't the position for him. I have to admit that I'm kinda bummed because I think Oregon would be a really fun place to live.

The day he tells them he's not interested in that position and that it's just not right for him, they call him back and offer him the opportunity to interview for another position (which would be a promotion) in Seattle. He is hesitant but the door is open so he walks through it. There wasn't really any kind of rush for this process because we're contractually bound to stay here in Reno through October and M is busy in his current position.

Now, 2 weeks ago, M starts hearing rumors at work about layoffs coming with the release of the yearly numbers. However, his campus has made a huge turnaround since he started in November and are actually doing really well, so he can't imagine that he or his campus will be a part of any layoffs.

Monday: Everyone at work is hearing the layoff rumors but everyone keeps their job...whew.
Tuesday: UOP closes 115 locations around the US and, you guessed it, Reno is one of them. Crazy. For the first time in 10 years, my husband and myself have no job. For the first time in 10 years, M isn't working for UOP.
Wednesday: More people at UOP are laid off. M feels like taking the job at this Seattle school is the right choice, he let's the school know he feels right about moving forward with them. He isn't worried one bit that things won't work out. I, on the other hand, start to lose my mind and spend a lot of time praying about where we're going to end up and throwing up the details of our lives to my friends. Sorry friends!
Thursday: Still more people are laid off at UOP.

We wait out the weekend on this Seattle position before we start applying for other jobs and making plans to move ourselves back to Colorado or Oklahoma with what he was given in severance. We pray a lot about where God wants us to be and we trust that He will work this out as long as we're willing to go where He opens the doors.

Monday: Michael is officially offered the position in Seattle and he accepts. Thank you, God. If it was just M and I, these past couple of weeks wouldn't have been nearly as scary as they were but we have 3 little kids now. I have to tell you that we kept the faith and M had an amazing peace about how this was all going to work out. Truly. If you know M, then you know I'm the calm one and he's the worrier of our relationship. Not for this though. He just knew God was going to handle it. He reassured me over and over again. We also knew that our "situation" was nothing compared to families who have a member battling illness or to the families who have been searching for work for months...years. We kept our fears in perspective and we prayed.

So, we're moving...AGAIN. In case you missed the first 6 posts about this, here's a little visual for you:

Yea, that's right. You're looking at 6 moves in as many years. Wow. When I see it laid out like this, I can't believe this is our life. It's leading somewhere great though and each move as provided a little piece to our puzzle. God has a plan for us. I hope it includes an amazing church like we had in Colorado and some new friends that we love (in addition to the ones we already love that live in that area). I'm ready for this move and I'm very excited. Bring it!

PS. If you are from the Seattle area, I'd love to chat you up. We're living in the Bothell area starting next week. I'm looking for some good churches (not an Acts 29 Chruch) and Christian schools in the area. If you know of any, let me know.


  1. Wishing you the very best for a successful move and a wonderful new adventure for your family ! Hugs.

  2. Wow, I have been reading your blog forever and following your families journey. I figured something was up because you have been so quiet. Can't believe you are moving so close. I live in northern BC. Closer to Alaska then Seattle but still. So excited for you and your family. Seattle is awesome, wetter then your used to but make the most of the sunny days and be flexible. We get 13 ft of rain on average where I live so if your making dinner and look outside and see the sun peaking out put dinner on hold and head to the park. Oh, and best football games ever in Seattle. Loudest fans by far. Lani

  3. Congratulations! I've read your blog for forever and was hoping you and your family were alright since it's been a while since you've posted. God has provided you with such a wonderful opportunity. Best wishes on getting settled into your new life in Washington!

  4. I've been following your blog since the pre-kids, pre-M, Down Memory Lane days. So happy for you & all that you've accomplished! I live in beautiful Washington state. Welcome! You will love Seattle.

  5. what an exciting time for you and your family, lindsay! congratulations!
    as long as you have your girls and your love by your side, you can make a happy, loving home in any state! :)
    enjoy the journey!

  6. Wow! I always get excited when other people move, but I know I would be a wreck if it were me doing the moving. :)

  7. I am in Kirkland, Washington, only 5 minutes south of Bothell! I've been following your blog for awhile now, and I'd love to meet up with you when you get here! We have a great local church (thecity.org) but if that doesn't fit for your family I know of some awesome churches in the area you can check out. We also have a fun MOPS group that meets twice a month in Kirkland and I'll introduce you to some other moms - a lot are from the Bothell area. My daughter is 3 and would love to show your girls around the local parks too ;)

  8. Wow, what an adventure you and your family have been on!! God does have a plan and he is definitely looking out for the Morenos!! Good luck with the move, so excited for you to live close to Elizabeth!!

  9. What an amazing God we have! I loved that story and told my husband this morning. It really puts things in perspective. I thank you so much for sharing, you don't know how you might renew someone's faith or just rejuvenate them with sharing how God works.

    I was curious, what is a Acts29 church? i've never heard of that. Not sure what church you love but we are in Georgia and our church www.12stone.com has a "online campus" church so it reaches members on vacations, family out of town, college students and it has actually ended up reaching people even out of the country and more. They broadcast the sermon from that week everyday that week. I love that when we can't get to church for whatever reason, we never miss the sermon thanks to the Online Campus. Please feel free to check it out.Here is the direct link to the online campus. Maybe its something you can watch til you find a church or while unpacking boxes... http://live.mediasocial.tv/12stone (we are based on Wesleyan but I refer it to people as a relaxed/loose baptist, LOL)

    THanks again Lindsay!! God Bless you and your family and can't wait to see pics from your new home and travels.

  10. Hi Lindsay!
    I've followed your blog for a few years now and you inspire me! We have a couple mutual friends in the Seattle area that actually told me about your blog. You are going to love it here!

    You should check out Young Female Entrepreneurs... I feel like you would love what they do and be inspired by them too!

    Would love to connect sometime!
    Best of luck in settling soon!

  11. What is an Acts 29 Church? Thanks

    1. It's a church planting network started by Mars Hill (which is based in this area). Mark Driscoll is the head pastor of the church. They do some great things and they have really sparked a whole new generation of believers, which is great. I just disagree with some of their founding principles and the way they interpret some scripture. They seem to be very much black and white where I believe the Bible is grey. I hope that makes sense.

  12. Lindsay, I've followed your blog for years! What an exciting way for God to make Himself know in such a real way to your family. He is so faithful.
    We live about an hour south of Seattle, and we are a young family as well (a six year old and two four year olds). There are some great churches on the eastside. What are you looking for? What is important to you? What's your "top 5" if you will when looking for a church? My husband is a pastor and we are pretty familiar with quite a few churches in the greater Seattle area. I am intrigued as to why you're a no to Acts 29 churches :). That may inform my suggestions to you as well!
    Blessings on you Lindsay!


    1. Hi Kelsey! My top 5 things I'm looking for in a church are
      1) Bible-based, relatable teaching (really just a fun, engaging and knowlegable pastor(s))
      2) Contemporary, relaxed atmosphere (jeans to church, not dresses)
      3) Contemporary worship with some great sound (a little slow, a little fast)
      4) a great kids program that my kids will want to come back to every week
      5) small groups that my husband and I can connect with in our area

      I'm not a fan of Acts 29 churches. I like a lot of Driscoll's teaching but I disagree with too much to base my faith on it. I actually kinda feel like they're woman-haters. I believe women can be amazing teachers and pastors. I think there's a place for them in the church and Acts 29 churches do not. I think it's perfectly okay for a woman to work if it works for the family and Acts 29 churches do not. There's just a few more things like that that don't sit well with my husband and I.

      One other thing that will be a deal-breaker for my husband and i is an evangelical church. The speaking in tongues really makes M uncomfortable so we want to stay away from that. I think 4-square churches are contemporary but they are evangelical too, so that won't work.

      Do you know of anything that will fit that description? Am I being too picky? haha. Big or little is fine with us. I'd like to get involved with a church and be a part of the worship team eventually.


    2. Lindsay, I would love to talk to you more sometime about Acts 29 churches :).

      I think you should check out Overlake Christian Church in Redmond. It's quite big, but definitely honors your top 5! Their website is occ.org. Another great choice would be Eastlake Christian Church in Bothell. Their website is eastlakecc.org. Both churches offer sound Biblical teaching in a contemporary, comfortable, approachable environment. OCC's kids programs are amazing. I don't know anything about Eastlake's though. I believe you can listen online to their sermons to get a feel ahead of time if you would like!

      Blessings on your church hunt! It is hard, but I believe God will lead you to your new home as a family as you seek Him!


    3. Kelsey, we went to Overlake this week and we really liked it! They have a preschool there too, which I'm looking for for the girls. Very cool. Thanks for the recommendation. We're going to stay there through the holidays to make sure it's a good fit before we look further. Really appreciate the help!


    4. I'm so glad you liked it! I will be there in Februry for their "Refresh" conference :).

  13. Lindsay, I grew up at Woodinville Alliance Church (http://www.wachurch.us/) which may fit what you are looking for. I have lived in Arizona since 1996 and not sure if they wear jeans to church or not.

    In college I went to Overlake and that church is wonderful too.

    I'm praying for you as you make this transition. Moving is really tough.

  14. Kendra, you know what's funny? Michaels uncle goes to that church and invited us last week. So we went. Thanks for the reco. It was a bit formal for us but the people were really nice!!!