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Monday, May 23, 2011

On the Walls

Recently, I've been on the hunt for some artwork to put up in the house. I'm starting in my bedroom because the walls are bare and since we're renting, I can't exactly paint them. Makes me miss my house in Chandler so much. I love that house.

Over the past months I found a few pieces that I LOVE to hang up around the house, starting with this one:
When Time Stands Still by Cindy Thornton
We hung this one on the wall in our room that leads to our bathroom. I seriously love this! We are going orange/green/blue in the master and this was so perfect. I love this artist. I've been a big fan for a few years and finally decided we need a piece in our house (or two)! Here's a closer look at the painting:

Cool, eh? I would have a whole house full of her stuff because some of it just speaks to me.

We put these two prints above our bed. 

I originally saw "Fetch" on the wall of a set in one of our favorite shows, "Rules of Engagement." When I found it, I knew just where to put it. Adds a little fun to an otherwise very grown-up room.

Here is a closer look:

Finally, I got this print (also by Cindy Thornton) to frame for Mom's piano:
With Love III by Cindy Thornton

To me, it perfectly represents my mom, brothers, and I while at the same time representing Ninny with her three granddaughters. It makes me smile.

What artists are you guys into these days? I'm always on the lookout!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Because I Said So

As my girls get older and their sass meter begins to rise, I see the phrase "because I said so" coming ever-so-close to leaving my lips.

Lately, Boston and Teagan have been showing off their acting talents in tantrums that involve:
1. tossing ones whole self on the floor
2. 4 seconds of silence to inhale and let the scream build
3. a violent scream as if to say "i'm certain one of my limbs has been ripped from my body"
4. crocodile tears, complete with red face and huge frown and
5. A very quick trip to the time-out chair for two minutes.

This seems like a perfect time to insert a custom-made, outplayed WWII propaganda poster, no?

Yep, I'd say that was perfectly placed. If you, like me, have children who need this little reminder (and who read at an incredibly young age), feel free to click on the image, download that bad boy and print it out. I left it in 8x10 large format for your framing needs. Now, back to the topic at hand:

I realize that the twins are understanding a lot, a lot more than we're giving them credit for right now. While I see them pushing the boundaries (which are directly connected to my buttons, who knew?), I also see them learning. Even as an adult, I find myself walking the line and pushing boundaries. Testing. Why should I blame them for doing the same? They are my spawn, after all. I think testing boundaries allows a person to live a fuller and more exciting life at times. It also gets us "testers" into trouble sometimes.

As I'm trying to decide which battles I should pick with my girls and which boundaries might stifle the girls' creativity, I'm reminded of the way my mom parented my brothers and I.

Now, I won't say she was perfect (I've noticed now that she's dead a lot of people who treated her badly during her life have nothing but good things to say about her, I'm not that girl). She had her faults when it came to raising her kids, but damn if she didn't work her butt off for us 3. She had some pretty strict rules but didn't get caught up in the tiny, anal-retentive stuff that so many moms I know did/do. She also taught me more than any single person in my life. I realize that I just might be the person that teaches my girls most of what they know. I gotta do this right. I started to compile a mental list of some of the things my mom taught me and decided to share it here. Some Most of them, I'm certain, my girls will learn from me as they grow into functioning adult humans. Man I hated some of these lessons as a kid. Now that I'm a mom, I get it.

  1. Saturday is "candy day" around here. If it's not Saturday, you're not getting it. Stop asking me.
  2. You don't have to clear your plate but I'm not making anything else and you're not eating after this either.
  3. "Look with your eyes and not your hands."
  4. When we go to the store, don't ask me for anything. I have a list and I'm only buying things on this list.
  5. "Share your stuff."
  6. "Stop daydreaming and do your school work"
  7. "Stop Fighting."
  8. "You're not the boss, I am."
  9. "Read the music, stop playing by ear."
  10. Look people in the eye, shake their hands and stand quietly.
  11. You better hold your pencil correctly.
  12. If you and your brothers can't agree, you get nothing.
  13. Sit in your assigned seats in the car.
  14. Don't ever, under any circumstances, write on your hands, your body, or your shoes.
  15. Don't whine in a public place because I will walk away from you.
  16. Unless there is vomit or a temperature over 100 degrees, you're going to school. So don't ask and don't try to fake it. Get out of bed. Because I said so!
  17. If you do stay home from school you're staying home from everything else as well. You don't play when you're sick.
  18. You'll go to bed by 8:00 every night as long as you live under my roof. If you don't like it, read in bed. "It's 7:50, get your teeth brushed and good night!"
  19. You'll participate in family nap/quiet time every day unless you're in school. Can't nap? Read in bed. I don't care what you do but you're going to be quiet for an hour in your own room, alone.
  20. Your homework will be done before you play.
  21. Started a sport or a new activity? Great, you'll finish it as well. You'll practice too. We don't quit.
  22. After a recital or a big game, we'll go get Ice Cream or TCBY to celebrate.
  23. You can get your ears pierced when you're in 5th grade. You can wear some makeup in 7th grade. You can choose your hair color (with my approval) in your junior year of high school.
  24. Get in trouble at school, get in bigger trouble at home.
  25. Lying. You better get real good at it because if I find out I will bring the fury.
  26. If your old one still works, you're not getting a new one.
  27. You're not too old for a spanking, just ask my trusty wooden spoon.
  28. You'll learn to do your own laundry when you hit double digits in age. Don't like it? Wear dirty clothes.
  29. When I say you're grounded, that means you're not going anywhere. At all. Don't ask.
  30. I'll look into, read or be involved in anything I so choose. Your privacy means nothing to me. It's my house and "if you don't like it, too bad!"
  31. You won't get an allowance. Ever. I don't care who you know that gets one. Want some money? What can you do for me? Who can you work for?
  32. Watching your little brothers when you're needed isn't a request.
  33. I will teach you to drive before you turn 16.
  34. No boys in your room.
  35. You don't call boys, they call you.
  36. No phone after 8:00.
  37. You won't have a TV in your room.
  38. No Rated R movies
  39. You won't wear clothes that I don't approve of so pull up your pants and find some clothes that fit you properly.
  40. You won't hang out with kids I don't approve of. I'm a good judge of character.
  41. Your TV time is limited to a half hour for each kid to choose after school. You better choose wisely and I hope you like what your brothers pick. If not, you can go read (are you sensing a theme here? It's a wonder we weren't all the most well-read kids on the planet).
  42. You don't leave the house until all your chores are done.
  43. You don't go on dates until you're 16 and you can drive. You can go to school dances but I'll likely take so many pictures of you, you'll have second thoughts.
  44. You don't date older boys. PERIOD. You date your own age. If you don't like it, I dare you to try to sneak out of my house or pull one over on me.
  45. You're not allowed to watch The Simpsons. I hate that show. They're disrespectful. Turn it off.
  46. Getting unacceptable grades? See how long I keep your car keys.
  47. Once you turn 16, your curfew is midnight, not 12:01. If you want to go out next weekend, you'll find a way to make it back.
  48. If you sass me, I'll smack you in the mouth. That's how I roll.
  49. No, you can't have those shoes, they look like unabomber shoes (in case you're wondering, no, I was not allowed to have the Doc Martins referred to in this statement).
  50. You're going to college so you better get those applications in and make sure your requirements are met.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fingerpainting Adventure

The girls got into the fingerpaints yesterday. Good times were had by all:

It started out very civilized and the girls were doing very well at requesting the color they'd like to use.

It quickly got out of control when they learned that two handfuls of paint was better than one and that their bodies truly are a canvas. (B left, T right)

...and this is how it ends. Apparently fingerpaint is the new black for fall. (T left, B right)

The girls got their first shower immediately following the festivities. I think they loved every second of it.

That's all I got for now.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The First 30 Days of 30: Day 17

An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

It's no secret that my favorite modern artists are Dale Chihuly (glass art) and Annie Leibovitz (photography).

I could never pick a favorite piece by Chihuly because every one of them makes me gasp. Just amazing. I made a mosaic out of some of his pieces to share. Each and every one of these pieces is brilliant.

I found out there is an exhibit in Vegas right now and I won't miss it next month when I'm there!

That's all I got for now.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The First 30 Days of 30: Day 9

A photo you took

I love photography for the ability to immediately take you back to a place you've been. Again, with this category, I can't just pick one because I've been fortunate enough to see and do some amazing things. Here are a few photos I've taken over the last few years that make me happy:

Chihuly exhibit at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens (2009)

The beach in Antigua (2007)

Fountains of Trevi in Rome (2007)

Another Chihuly from the OKC Museum of Art (2006)

Space Needle in Seattle, WA (2006)

NYC (2005)

I can't leave out my faves of the fam:

I got to marry this hottie! (2008)

Teagan (L), Boston (R) (2009)

Boston (L), Teagan (R) (2009)

Teagan (L), Boston (R) (2009)

Boston (L), Teagan (R) (2008)

This one makes me remember just how tiny the girls (Boston in particular) were when they were born. Arms as long as grandpas thumbs. They were the size of tiny baby dolls. (2008)

My latest fave of my little Bean, Boston. (2010)

The latest of my little monkey, Teagan. (2010)

ah, this one just makes me remember I married the most amazing man that turned into one amazing dad. (Teagan and Daddy, Mother's Day '09)

That's all I got for now.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge: Complete

Well, kids. I did it. I finished a project that has nothing to do with my girls, school or work. I can honestly say, it's been a while! So pumped I did this for the month. I feel like I should do it again next month, we'll see! Without further ado, here are my results from the photo hunt challenge:

A Different Point of View:

A Perspective Shot:






Sign of Spring:


A letter formed/found in nature:





Mother Earth:

Something Rare:

Something Healthy:

Something Colorful:

Something Spicy:

Something Triangular:

That's all I got for now.